About Us ...

Munch Life is family life. 

From Alberta, Scott & Courtney forged west to the Fraser Valley to nurture a growing family. As the family has grown, so too has their love for sourcing high-quality ingredients from fair-trade growers. And because of a commitment to spreading the community spirit around, serendipity presented an opportunity to deliver the finest Munch Nut Butters ever served.

And so, Munch moved to a dedicated space in Port Coquitlam, BC, where each nut is delicately seasoned, fresh roasted and stone-ground to perfection. This big and wonderful move satisfied a deep-rooted craving, Scott & Courtney shared, to preserve the natural textures, flavours and nutrients of each and every nut that passes through their doors.


Ethically sourced. Delicately seasoned. Freshly Dry Roasted & Stone-Ground

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